Thursday, July 16, 2009

Extra Bits: Creation Care at General Convention

"Ubuntu in Action: Creation Care" was the General Convention theme yesterday (July 15). Episcopal News Service has an excellent report at

Besides talking about environmental resolutions, the steps taken to offset the carbon footprint of General Convention, and a summary of what the Church has been doing to address climate change and pollution, the report highlights the sermon given by Bishop Steven Charleston, in which he says, "I am here to tell you that unless we recognize that there is a higher, deeper calling that lies behind all of these needs...none of our hopes and dreams, whether they come from conservative hearts or liberal minds, will sustain the day on anything we have been discussing, for all will be for naught...lest we wake up and pay attention to the underwriting great issue of our day."

May we have ears to hear and find the will, wisdom, and courage to reset our priorities and care for God's Creation, the Earth that sustains us, feeds us, and delights us so that we can carry out all the other work and worship to which God calls us!