Friday, July 6, 2012

Environmental Ministry at General Convention

It’s 103 degrees this afternoon in Indianapolis, where the General Convention of The Episcopal Church is underway. I’m on my way there to connect with the Episcopal Ecological Network (EpEN) . The incredible heat should provide a good talking point!

Several resolutions touch on environmental issues. The EpEN website shows a list of General Convention resolutions  related to environmental issues. In the exhibit hall, EpEN is sharing a booth with the Episcopal Network for EconomicJustice (ENEJ). Our sharing of physical space is a sign of how issues of economic justice and eco-justice issues are interwoven. Concern for God’s creation because it matters to God is part of our Christian commitment to environmental integrity; the effects of environmental degradation on the poorest people in the world is another major piece of that commitment.

A climate justice resolution and an Episcopal News Service story, Standingwith Kivalina at the 77th General Convention, shows the connections for a community above the Arctic Circle, who in turn ask us to make the connection for indigenous cultures throughout the world.