Monday, July 20, 2009

Extra Bits: Ogallala Aquifer Report

The print edition of today's Lincoln Journal Star carries this headline for a story about a new U.S. Geological Survey study of the Ogallala Aquifer: “Aquifer’s OK…for now”. The report basically says that the water in the aquifer is generally acceptable for human consumption, irrigation, and livestock watering. That’s the good news, and it’s very good news considering our dependence in Nebraska on this great water source.

However, the study warns that heavy use of the water is resulting in gradual increases in contaminants such as nitrates that, if continued, will make the water unusable. Because of the nature of the aquifer, reversal of such contamination would be extremely slow. The report is available at .

Good stewardship of water resources is vital! God has given us many gifts, many resources, including this great water resource in the middle of our continent. If we care for them and use them wisely, they will bless us for many more generations to come; if we use them carelessly, future generations will not know the quality of life that we are privileged to know.

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