Sunday, December 29, 2013

Joy: Day 5

Joy to the world! The Lord is come: let earth receive her king;
Let every heart prepare him room, and heaven and nature sing.

With “Joy to the world” in our hearts and minds, I invite you to join me in looking each of these twelve days for instances of the joy that runs through all of creation, especially through experiencing the beauty and wonder of God’s world.

Our little corner of the world was very cold today. Last night we listened to the wind whistle and saw a couple of big Christmas ball decorations roll down the street, pushed by the wind. By morning, the wind was less fierce, but the temperature was still in the single digits with a fairly good wind chill effect still going on. But along with the cold came another clear blue sky. Even though the low-angled winter sun doesn’t do a lot to actually raise the temperature, it helped some and it certainly made everything seem warmer and brighter.

Especially on this Sunday where our Gospel lesson talked about the light shining in the darkness, sunbeams represent the joy in creation.

Joy to the world! The Savior reigns; let us our songs employ, while fields and floods, rocks, hills, and plains, repeat the sounding joy.

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