Thursday, January 5, 2012

Joy to the World: Twelfth Day

Joy to the world! The Lord is come: let earth receive her king;
Let every heart prepare him room, and heaven and nature sing.

With “Joy to the world” in my heart and mind, I’m looking each of these twelve days of Christmas for the beauty and wonder in God’s world, for instances of the joy that runs through all of creation.

When Thoreau describes the ice melting in Walden Pond in the spring, he says, “Every incident connected with the breaking up of the rivers and ponds and the settling of the weather is particularly interesting to us who live in a climate of so great extremes.” Thoreau's enthusiasm for observing the spring melting of Walden Pond came to mind today as a stop to walk around and stretch our legs at Holmes Lake Park in Lincoln turned into something more.

The temperature was in the upper 60’s, the sun was shining, and in the brief time we were there we could hear and see the fairly thin layer of ice that had covered the lake breaking up and melting. A park full of people enjoying the warmth, the sounds of the ice, the brightness of the sun, and the honks of geese were appropriately joyful for the last day of Christmas!

A few minutes later, the ice gives way!

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